Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Life can be hard. It can be tough for all ages, I feel like people always are to two extremes they either think their problems are superior and more important than other peoples or they don't think their problems are a big deal so they hide them away. But the truth is they all matter, if something is bothering you then speak up.

 If your friend had a problem, the chances are you would want them to tell you so you could help them in any way you could. So why are your problems different? You believe no one can help you? Well that's only true to an extent, sometimes even if they can't necessarily do anything to solve the issue but even just talking about it with a loved one can help. Or if your not a talker then they can distract you, take your mind off the problem. Anything would be better than dwelling on a problem by yourself, because then the problem gets blown out of proportion by your overthinking. You need someone by your side to stop those irrational thoughts you may get. 

I always hate those adults who say that your 'teenagery' problems aren't really problems. They assume they are over something small and silly but even if they are, if you feel it is a problem, it is a problem that needs fixing. Don't listen to anybody else, if it's making you unhappy something needs to change. In my last blog post, I wrote a letter to my younger self, I said about asking yourself if it will matter in years to come. Well I was thinking about this and I didn't quite write it how I wanted it. I don't want anyone younger than me thinking there problems are inferior because they won't necessarily matter in a few years. I meant to ask yourself that so it will put the problem into perspective. Like I was saying earlier, it stops the irrational thoughts you may get. Doing this, may help you feel differently about your problem. 

Anyway I feel like I have rambled on in this post, so I am sorry. But if there is one thing you take from this blog, let it be: your problems aren't inferior, it is perfectly alright to talk to someone about them, even if you think it is silly. If they are you age it could well be they are having the same problem.

Love always, Silvermxce xx

Thursday, 10 March 2016

A letter to my younger self

Dear younger me,

                             Let's not care about what you look like, half the time people are so concerned about what they look like they don't have the time to notice what you're looking like. This applies to hair, clothes, face, skin in general. EVERYTHING. Also the people worth being friends with aren't going to judge you based on looks. 

Not all best friends are forever, people are going to walk in and out of your life and they are all going to teach you something whether they were a nice person or not. It's important to remember there are so many people you haven't met yet so a few people don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

That also applies to arguments with people. Falling out with someone isn't the end of the world, you're so young and there are so many more people for you to meet. It's perfectly normal to not get on with everybody.

Don't stress over everything. Things at your age just simply aren't worth it. You have to ask yourself will this matter in years to come? Chances are highly likely they won't. 

But my biggest advice is to stay positive, have fun and go out as much as you can. Cherish being the age you are. 

Love always, Silvermxce xx

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Small ways for a happier, healthier life

As you may or may not have noticed, I have deleted quite a few of my blog posts, this is because I wasn't happy with them and I wanted to start fresh. I felt  it was quite down atmosphere as I was going through a low point in my life which really rubbed off on my blog. So here is to fresh starts.

As I said I am coming out of a difficult period, I'm still struggling but here are some things I am going to try to do to keep myself happy and healthy.

  1.     Exercise more, now I'm not talking about sweating away at a gym (although if it were cheaper I probably would be) but going on walks daily, getting some workout DVDs to do at home, spend less time in bed sat on my laptop.
  2.     Drink more water this is something I'm not too bad at but have still got room for improving on. It is so important to drink plenty of water, not only does help get you healthier but it is also known to clear your skin which would boost your self esteem and self confidence.
  3.     Care less I'm so bad at this one seeing as I care so much about every little thing. I'm not saying you shouldn't care about anything but just make sure you do it in moderation. Don't obsess over the little things which are out of your control
  4.     Do more sitting at home accomplishes nothing. You can't expect your mood to improve nor your health by laying in bed all day. Get out and do more. But not only should you be doing things that have to be done but things you enjoy. It is so important for you to do things which make you happy, and it doesn't matter what activity, as long as YOU like it.
  5.     Make lists this one sounds unusual and you are probably wondering how this can make you happier and healthier. Well my friend it does help, just indirectly. It helps improve your organisation and makes you more productive which would reduce stress therefore improving your lifestyle, because lets face, stress helps no one it just causes more problems.
Hope you enjoyed and helps in some way, leave comments of things that you do or are trying to do to improve your lifestyle. 

Love always, Silvermxce xx